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Your own fixed prices for menus in FordEcat!
You now have another possibility to set your own prices for service menus. Alongside the existing percentage price schemes within the promotion module, you can now set an additional offer price for service menus in FordEcat. This functions in precisely the same way as parts price import feature. Take a look at Here you can find the exact specifications required for the file which will need to be generated for the upload. Should you have any questions, please contact our competent FordEcat Service Team via the Freephone number 00800FordEcat.
Can we do something about the price?
Avoid long searches when this question crops up by entering your net discounts into FordEcat. Thereafter you will always be able to quickly see if "something can be done" whilst viewing parts. Enter the net discounts you have agreed with your parts supplier into FordEcat - to make this process even quicker, you can now upload a file containing this data. How? On the FordEcat information site you will find file specification information for the creation of a net discount file. Should you have any further questions: call 00800FordEcat This is your free of charge service hotline for all matters relating to FordEcat!
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